Ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap transfer ownership and request for classic

The Ubuntu Desktop Team is working on a new provisioning stack, the corresponding upstream project is https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-desktop-provision

One of the components built from that repository is ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap which is going to replace the current ubuntu-desktop-installer, it needs to be classic for the same reason ubuntu-desktop-installer is already a classic snap.

The snap is build on ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap : Snap packages : “Ubuntu Desktop” team

We would like the snap to also be transferred to Canonical as a publisher since Canonical Desktop Team is maintaining the project.

Given the reasoning for granting classic to ubuntu-desktop-installer and the reasoning for the supported classic category, “Installer snaps for Ubuntu Flavors based on the official ubuntu-flavor-installer ”, the requirements for classic are understood. Feedback or comments from any other @reviewers is appreciated as well. We’ll perform publishers vetting in a meantime.

For snaps owned by Canonical, it is preferred if they have the appropriate metadata to ensure their proper presentation on snapcraft.io. I see that ubuntu-desktop-bootstrap already has a description (although it’d be nice if it could be more detailed :slight_smile: )- so it’d be great if you could also add a proper icon to it.

Moreover, we do ask for the snap to have a stable release before they are transferred to the Canonical account. This is particularly important as the snap will be linked with Canonical’s name and failing to do so may create the impression of incomplete/experimental software which is not what we want to convey from our maintained snaps.

Please let me know once you’ve released a stable version of the snap and I’ll complete the transfer.



Publisher is vetted. Granting use of classic. This is now live

The snap is published to stable and has an icon and screenshots now. The description is still short but we will fix that once we have some more time for polish. Could you transfer the ownership to Canonical?


The ownership of the snap has been transferred to the canonical publisher account.