Ubuntu core VLC Permisison Denied to v4l2 device

Hi, Would like to stream video from usb camera connected to an Ubuntu Core installation. Have snap installed vlc, then added the camera connections like this:

sudo snap connect vlc:camera :camera

snap connections vlc now returns this:

Interface Plug Slot Notes

audio-playback vlc:audio-playback - -

audio-record vlc:audio-record - -

avahi-control vlc:avahi-control - -

camera vlc:camera :camera manual

desktop vlc:desktop - -

desktop-legacy vlc:desktop-legacy - -

dvb vlc:dvb - -

home vlc:home - -

jack1 vlc:jack1 - -

mount-observe vlc:mount-observe - -

mpris - vlc:mpris -

network vlc:network :network -

network-bind vlc:network-bind :network-bind -

opengl vlc:opengl :opengl -

optical-drive vlc:optical-drive - -

pulseaudio vlc:pulseaudio - -

removable-media vlc:removable-media :removable-media -

screen-inhibit-control vlc:screen-inhibit-control - -

unity7 vlc:unity7 - -

x11 vlc:x11

When I try to run the stream (tested and works on an Ubuntu 22.04 machine), vlc fails with permission denied to the video device. This is the relevan error, can provide the entire vlc output if necessary:

v4l2 demux error: cannot open device ‘/dev/video0’: Permission denied

Any help appreciated, thanks.

is your user actually in the video group ? is the device owned by that group as it should ?

oh, i see you are on Ubuntu Core … where you will likely not be able to add your user to that group, you might need to make your device world readable or re-pack vlc to run as a daemon in that case …

Making the device world readable worked! Didn’t think I could do that because read only file system. Thanks for your help.