Ubuntu core upgrade


I’m not sure if this is totally OT, but we’re using Ubuntu Core and snaps a lot, since we’re running multiple instances around in all the apartments we’re managing. And just to be clear; we love snaps! :smiley:

But along with my Android phone I’ll also get notification on new subjects that Google thinks (knows?) that would be within my interests, and the other day I got one saying that Ubuntu Core 20 was released. :partying_face:

So my question is: Will all my devices (RPi4s) upgrade automatically to this new version, or do I have to do it manually? Anyone it the snap-universe that knows how this works?

Because UC20 has a different disk layout and boot setup, to enable some of its new features, there will be no automatic update. The new features are about first-class support for recovery partition and full disk encryption (if support by the hardware), otherwise snapd itself still gets updated with new features to all the Ubuntu Core systems.