Ubuntu Core specific kernel config reference


What is the best current reference for UC kernel config ?

I found a few references to the snappy configs in this repo under kernel/configs/snappy , but it’s most recent branch 4.4 is pretty old now. Is it still the best reference ?

Perhaps worth noting, although this is a general question, I’m currently working on a board, not something for PC.

I suppose mostly I’m interested making sure that everything is enabled to support snapd [ and supporting tech ], plus not lowering the general security bar etc. What is the best current reference I can work to that highlights config specific to the topics I mentioned ?

Cheers, Just

there is actually a very helpful README in the top level of the “master” branch

i wonder if someone from the ubuntu kernel team could bring that up o date for more recent kernel versions … @xnox ? (i assume most of the config options have not been renamed and still apply as is though)

Thanks @ogra - I read the README now. It is useful :+1:

I think anyone reading it or looking at that repo generally would question how up to date the info is still however. If it could be updated, or a replacement doc created on the topic it would be useful I think.

Cheers, Just