Ubuntu Core on RPI won't boot from Asmedia USB to SATA Adapters

I’ve tried with 3 different USB to SATA adapters which use Asmedia USB to SATA controllers and none of them will boot into Ubuntu Core (20 or 22).

However, I’ve managed to successfully boot Ubuntu Core from a M.2 SATA SSD using an adapter containing a Realtek controller.

Is there something obvious I’m missing as to why a Realtek based adapter will work but an Asmedia based adapter won’t?

All of these adapters can boot Ubuntu Desktop so I’m guessing the Ubuntu Core PI kernel is missing a driver or something?

Below are details about the USB to SATA adapters that would not work and the controllers they use:

  • The Pi Hut - “SSD to USB 3.0 Cable for Raspberry Pi” (Asmedia ASM1153E/ASM225)
    • Note: This one is a 2.5" SSD adapter, the rest are M.2 SATA.
  • Argon40 - “M.2 SATA Expansion Board for Argon ONE” (Asmedia ASM225CM)
  • 52Pi - “Aluminium NAS Case for Pi 4” (Asmedia ASM1153)

And the only one I’ve got to work so far:

  • UGreen - CM559/90408 “M.2 SATA/NVMe Hard Drive Enclosure” (Realtek RTL9210B)