Ubuntu Core LXD container breaks after pc-kernel refresh

I’ve been following this tutorial to get Ubuntu Core running in a LXD container: https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-core-in-lxd-containers. It’s pretty straightforward, and it all seems to work as described until the kernel snap auto updates. After which the container will not boot. It seems quite similar to this bug i found on github. I’m fairly sure this is where the problem is because if I catch the refresh before it happens and abort it then the container continues to work fine.

Any tips for debugging this further? Or maybe a good place to report this bug?

I put this in the ‘device’ section because it I believe this is a bug with the Ubuntu Core image, but maybe it doesn’t go here…

Which Ubuntu Core image version are you using core16 or core18?
If your using core18 I would report the bug on the LXD GitHub as an issue.

I’m using core16, but only because that’s the only lxd image I found. I’m using is ubuntu-core/16 from images.linuxcontainers.org.

Okay, It looks like the image was fixed based on the GitHub issue so I would either try core16 again.

lxc launch images:ubuntu-core/16/amd64 ubuntu-core

Or you could try and see if the core18 image works for you.

lxc launch images:ubuntu-core/18/amd64 ubuntu-core

As far as I can tell, the latest image (as of right now) was published at 20191103_07:47. I have the same issue with this image.

Were you able to pull the images:ubuntu-core/18/amd64 image? From what I can tell it doesn’t exist (at least not on images.linuxcontainers.org).

$ lxc launch images:ubuntu-core/18/amd64 
Creating the container
Error: Failed instance creation: The requested image couldn't be found

As suggested I opened a bug with LXC. Tracking it here: https://github.com/lxc/distrobuilder/issues/256