Ubuntu core - fail to install my kernel

Hi Guys, i’m sorry, i’m newby in ubuntu core and i hope to not create an already answered question. I build a custom kernel that work perfectly if i install it with snap with local path but the installation fail if i try to build the image with the same kernel that i try to download from the store. The error that i have during the installation is: error: cannot use kernel “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-kernel” published by “xxxxxxx-myuserid-------” for model by “xxxxxxxxxxx-brand-id-xxxxxxxxxxx”

I’m not understanding where is located the check that verify if that snap is allowed to run to my board. The model assertion seem correct, what i wrong?

Thanks Matteo

Hello, could you please give more details please?

Like what version of the Ubuntu Core image are you trying to build, that we all can understand of what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hi, i’m using the ubuntu 16.04 with core version 12727. I’m trying to build the image with command

/usr/bin/ubuntu-image snap
-c stable
–snap my-gadget
–snap my-kernel
–snap domotzpro-agent
–output-dir /root/OUT/remote/image-12727-20220304-0

when i try to install my kernel and my gadget with local snap with absolute path i haven’t any problem, i have that error: error: cannot use kernel “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-kernel” published by “xxxxxxx-myuserid-------” for model by “xxxxxxxxxxx-brand-id-xxxxxxxxxxx”

only when i try to install my kernel downloading from snapcraft

feel free to tell me what info do you need.


Hello, thanks for this info.

You want to build a Ubuntu Core 16, 18 or 20 image? While Core/Core16 is EOL, it is recommended that you move your kernel and gadget snap over to core18, if you have specified the “base” property in their snapcraft.yaml

I do not have any more idea on what could be wrong, maybe @ogra or @mborzecki can help a little bit here?

i’m not 100% sure, but i think you need to mark your model as “dangerous” to be allowed to install local snaps by ubuntu-image … is the model assertion “dangerous” ?

Hi Ogra, nice to meet you.

when i try to install the kernel snap by absolute path i haven’t problems, i have that error only when i try to install the kernel that i uploaded in the private store, that is the situation that need “dangerous” config?


ah, no, in that case it should “just work” as long as your model is signed by the same key as your kernel snap, the dangerous bit is only required for local snaps … you should have received an “onboarding doc” when your brand store was enabled and there the process of building images from/with that store should be described in detail …

please could you explain me better

“as long as your model is signed by the same key as your kernel snap”


hi guys, thanks for your help.

The problem was caused by the first push was not done by the owner of the store and that cause that signature error. Canonical support changed manually the first publisher and that fixed the issue.

Thanks for the time spent for help us.


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Glad you got that resolved.