Ubuntu Core at the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona

Here are a few impressions from the Ubuntu Core booth at the IoT SWC in Barcelona this week (if you are in barcelona, drop by !!)

And a little greeting from our wavy friend


This looks awesome @ogra wish I was there. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m curious; how does microk8s fit into iot? Is it simply a dev tool or do you have bigger plans for it?

I don’t think we actually know yet, microk8s only recently got strictly confined (and thus installable on core). I can imagine running a big iron server with core for the extra security and reliability and having microk8s on top of it to orchestrate your stuff for example

EDIT: note that i meant particulary microk8s and IoT/UbuntuCore, indeed there are definite plans for microk8s and clouds :slight_smile:

The main interest that we’ve seen at the moment is in using microk8s as an approach to deploy workloads on a device that operates at the edge of a network. Snaps provide a great solution for this, but there is a growing interest from people that have been using docker. Microk8s provides a more robust solution for these workloads. A recent example that I’ve heard of is deploying ROS nodes within kubernetes.