Ubuntu Core 20 not installing to NVMe


I’m having some trouble in getting a Ubuntu Core 20 image installed to a Lenovo M90N-1, and there are at lot of errors, ending up at to install the OS on the USB flash drive itself. Is there a place/file on the disk, that will allow me to diagnose the issue? I suspect that the NVMe drive is not detected in the initramfs/kernel, thus not allowing it to install to the drive, only ending up to install on itself?

It seems like that the NUC and KVM prebuilt image is the same link on your download page? That’s the one I used. https://ubuntu.com/core/docs/supported-platforms

Your assistance is appreciated.

the current install process only partitons the device you have booted from (and installs the system there) … try to boot from a normal server or desktop iso, dd the image to the nvme and try to boot from that …

The documentation is a bit confusing around that, but, uh, OK, I will have to look for an alternative where an automated dd must take place, when you boot from the USB flash drive. Do you know if there’s such software/linux implementation out there, that can automatically deploy a image to a disk? I want to simplify the flashing process of each device in manufacturing.

I have implemented a small buildroot-based OS for doing just that, to dd a Ubuntu Core image file from a USB flash drive to the target disk, by means of a configuration file. It seems quite stable, (been using it on and off for testing Core images on x86/x64 platforms), without spinning up a VM.