Ubuntu core 20 intallation Guide

Hello can you help me please !

1- I installed a new clean Ubuntu core and did not know what the password is ? for user and root !(I don’t even know how to change the password)

2- how to use file editor nano-strict without this error [ Error reading /etc/ssh/sshd_config: Permission denied ]

I have a ssh privet key to connect in Ubuntu Core. i USE PUTTY

login as: duxnor

Authenticating with public key "duxnor"

Passphrase for key “duxnor”:

Welcome to Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 5.4.0-1059-raspi aarch64)

Last login: Fri Apr 22 11:31:34 2022 from

duxnor@ubuntu:~$ su -


su: Authentication failure


where did you download this image from ? this does not look like it is Ubuntu Core …

from this link officiel ubuntu

well, that clearly says Ubuntu Server

scroll down (to “Download Ubuntu Core 20”) on:

there you will find links to the Ubuntu Core 20 images …

try the link you see its ubuntu core 20
not ubuntu server

your link does not actually work for me (gets a 404) i guess you linked the “thank you” page that comes after the download started …

anyway, if you are sure this is Ubuntu Core (which normally should say “Welcome to Ubuntu Core 20” after login), you will be able to use sudo with the user you created without specifying a password…

though there is no reason to use sudo normally at all, your user is logged in to the snap store so all snap commands should work without elevating permissions and you should not actually manually modify any files since they might be managed through a snap or snapd … that said, something like “sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config” should surely work …

also note:

$ snap info nano-strict
  This snap ships GNU nano in strict confinement mode, this means that it can only access
  non-directly-under-hidden-files under your home directory and (optionally) files under `/mnt` and
  `/media` via the `removable-media` interface
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Thanks for you bro its worked for edit file.

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