Ubuntu core 18?

Not certain this is the right place but couldn’t workout where to post it.

Are we going to see a Ubuntu core 18?

The current core 16 has a noted problem with wifi and ubuntu 18 is now out, so can we expect ubuntu core 18 and when?


Ubuntu core 18 already exist: snap info core18

It’s on experimental stage, not ready for usage.

OK, so now I’m confused.

How does this relate to:

Ubuntu core is an os image, but snapcore requires an os to be installed?

There will be core 18 images, but not immediately (like core 16 came after 16.04), exact timing still to be discussed, they will be based on that core18 snap, but that core18 snap is indeed at this point still experimental and cannot be used to boot.

That core18 snap is also intended to be used as a base snap, and snaps using it as base will be usable on core 16 devices too. And for snaps expecting core implicitly as base (most current snaps) to also work on core 18 devices.

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snapcore is the umbrella team name on github under which all snap project related sourcecode lives (snapd, the core snap … and well … the core18 snap)

The core snap is the execution enviromnent inside which snaps get run when using them on a classic distro installation. At the same time it also serves as a root filesystem for the UbuntuCore images. The current core snap is built from 16.04 packages. Once the core18 snap is out of experimental stage you will be able to:

  • Define something like “base: core18” in your snapcraft.yaml so that your snap builds and runs in the context of 18.04 binaries.
  • Have an UbuntuCore 18 image where the core18 snap is used as root filesystem (similar to todays core usage).

More details about base snaps can be found at:

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What version of the Linux kernel is expected to be on Ubuntu Core 18? I would suspect it would be 4.15.0?

Core is based on the LTS release so it will use the same kernel version that was released with the LTS … for core 16 this is 4.4 and you guessed correctly that for core 18 this will be 4.15 … since that is the oly way to provide proper security support

I’m building a snap on Ubuntu 18.04 that I want to run on Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04. Can this work? Should I add “base: core18” to my snapcraft.io?


So Ubuntu Core 18 image is apparently not available yet?