Ubuntu Core 18 running in VirtualBox


I had a conversation yesterday with a user who was having issues running Ubuntu Core 18 inside of a VirtualBox VM running on Ubuntu 18.04. After some initial issues, I figured out how to configure the VirtualBox VM so that it would successfully run Ubuntu Core 18.
Below are the steps I took to make it work:

  1. Download the Ubuntu Core 18 Stable image from here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/18/stable/current/ubuntu-core-18-amd64.img.xz
  2. I then unxz the image: unxz ubuntu-core-18-amd.img.xz
  3. I then use VBoxManage to convert the raw disk image to VDI: VBoxManage convertdd ubuntu-core-18-amd64.img core18.vdi
  4. I then created a new Virtual Machine, said it was Linux and Ubuntu 64-bit, and pointed the storage to the vdi image I created in the previous step.
  5. Before you start the VM, go to settings:
    a. Go to the system tab, and disable I/O APIC (clear the check)
    b. Adjust memory as necessary, but I left it at the default of 1GB
    c. Click on the Processor tab, and make sure there is no check in Enable PAE/NX
    d. Click on the Acceleration tab and verify Paravirtualization interface is default and Enable Nested Paging is checked.
    e. Click on the Storage Tab on the top and verify that the disk image is using the SATA controller.
  6. Apply the changes to settings and start the VM. It should start Ubuntu Core 18. When you get the prompt that says Press enter to continue. You are ready to go.

These instructions work with VirtualBox 6.0, I have not tested it with older versions.

  • Luke