Ubuntu-bug replacement needed for snap applications

I’m testing the snap app ubuntu-desktop-installer and i’m unable to document non-crash problems. ubuntu-bug does not work, please provide a replacement.

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Note that ubuntu-bug does work for some snaps, e.g. if I run ubuntu-bug review-tools I get useful debug information that can be submitted to Launchpad.

@bdmurray are the requirements for a snap to play nicely with ubuntu-bug documented somewhere?

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The contact field for the snap needs to contain a url to a Launchpad project:

bdmurray@clean-jammy-amd64:~$ snap info ubuntu-desktop-installer | grep contact contact: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-desktop-installer

The ubuntu-desktop-installer snap does provide one and running ubuntu-bug ubuntu-desktop-installer on an already installed jammy machine worked for me whether or not the snap was installed.

I booted a kinetic desktop canary iso and it looks like no contact information is provided for the latest/stable/ubuntu-22.10 channel.

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Actually it looks like something special with the live environment as snap info snap-store doesn’t show contact information either.

I created a new post regarding the issue I’m seeing with the live environment here:

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