Ubuntu 22.04 nextcloud snap: php-modules

Hi, I want to use the nextcloud ldap-user-authentication app. The app needs the php-ldap module. (The app comes with the snap. It is disabled by default and can be activated.) How can one check which php-modules are available in the snap? Is it possible (how?) to install a missing php-module in the snap? Thanks a lot! Martin

File a bug at https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloud-snap

At the moment I am not convinced that this is a bug. First of all it might be a (my) lack of knowledge in snap-management.

How check available php modules and how add a missing php module.

You can browse the contents of the snap, which should be available under /snap/nextcloud/current. I have no clue how PHP apps work or where the modules are to be placed. Perhaps try looking under /snap/nextcloud/current/usr/share/php. Still, it’s probably best to open an issue on github for the publisher and discuss it there.