Ubuntu 18.04 Cannot find Snap applications

Hello everyone,

I installed some snap applications on my ubuntu 18.04 system through the software store. However, when I try to search them on my computer they’re not found.

Here’s what’s show:

As you can see it was installed in the /home/snap folder, and can be executed with the following command

snap run datagrip  

This is the output of snap --version:

snap 2.38.1 snapd 2.38.1 series 16 ubuntu 18.04 kernel 4.15.0-50-generic

Hopefully you can help me, thanks.

I haven’t encountered this with gnome and snap before, but as a workaround until someone more knowledgeable than I can help fix the real problem, you can find the snap “desktop” files here:


Then if you:

cp /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/datagrip_datagrip.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/.

It will then turn up on the “Show Applications” screen.

I suspect that there is an org.gnome.settings property that needs to point to the snapd/desktop/applications directory, but I’m not sure how to add it.

If you have not logged-out since your very first snap installation you need to do so to update your search-paths for .desktop files to be found by your desktop environment. This is only ever needed for the very first snap since installation, so if you are sure you have done this at least once then I’m wrong and your problem lies elsewhere than my suggestion :slight_smile:


This was the solution, than you.

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