Two chromium profiles for one user

Is it possible to have two profiles of chromium for one user? Like one for safe browsing: banking and second for normal everything else browsing. So far I used Firejail with two profiles. Can snap have the same functionality?

So far in /snap folder I have

Is snap core necessary? I have small SSD disk and it takes a lot space.

Can I install chromium as snap in /home folder, I mean locally, no system wide?

User specific data lives in ~/snap, you should be able to use chromiums builtin profile manager to simply set up a second profile … it should then be stored in ~/snap/chromium/*

Private browsing mode might be useful for your use-case.

Otherwise, just launch chromium with the --user-data-dir parameter pointing to another profile directory:

snap run chromium --user-data-dir=AnotherProfile

/snap/core is necessary indeed, it is the base snap system which all other snaps require to function.

Snaps cannot currently be installed per-user.

Where is the appropriate place to locate / move second profile?

The first / default chromum profile is located in:
and it contants three folders:
343 common current

343 is location where chromium allows me to save my downloads from internet.
is the actual location of first / default profile (I guess so).

So far, with firejail I had profile located on another partition mounted to /media/data
Now snapped chromium cannot access this location.

Is it possible to allow this chromium snap to access this location or the second chromium profile should be moved on /home/user/where_to?

Is using different this option
snap run chromium --user-data-dir=AnotherProfile
just a way to have personal look and feel of chromium and add-ons choice or the two profiles are separated in a way that if browser is compromised when one profile is used second remain safe?

to allow chromium access to /media you need to connect the “removable-media” interface:

sudo snap connect chromium:removable-media

that should give you access to directories and mountpoints underneath /media.

They are two separate profiles. If you specify a short name like “AnotherProfile” for the --user-data-dir option, then the profile directory will actually be $HOME/snap/chromium/current/.config/chromium/AnotherProfile (note that current is a symbolic link to the current revision of the snap that is installed).

You can also specify an absolute path to a place where the snap is allowed to read/write, e.g. somewhere in /media if you have connected the removable-media interface, as suggested by @ogra:

snap run chromium --user-data-dir=/media/username/device/chromium/AnotherProfile