Turning over Clementine snap to Snapcrafters


I’m reaching to see if I can turn over maintenance for the Clementine snap to the Snapcrafter’s team.

I’ve reached out to the Clementine project (a few times) and have had no response. I am not certain they want to take it at present as it seems as though they are working on the QT5 version of Clementine.

Please see: Is it possible to PR an existing snap to Snapcrafters?

Thanks in advance!

LINK TO snapcraft.yaml: https://github.com/kz6fittycent/Clementine-1/tree/master/snap

@popey @wimpress are Snapcrafters ready to take over maintenance of https://snapcraft.io/clementine ?

Actually, the Clementine project just accepted my PR for the snap and we should get ownership to them. See: https://github.com/clementine-player/Clementine/pull/6018

I’ve opened a new thread for this BTW.

See: Clementine Snap Ownership to Clementine Project

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