Is it possible to PR an existing snap to Snapcrafters?

I’ve had an existing snap for Clementine for some time and wondered if it was possible to do a PR to the snapcrafter’s git repo or if that’s a “no-no”.

I’ve reached out to the Clementine project (a few times) and have had no response. I am not certain they want to take it at present as it seems as though they are working on the QT5 version of Clementine.

I could easily just do the PR to the snapcrafter’s repo but I thought I’d ask here first.


P.S. there are a couple of other working snaps that I think snapcrafters can do a much better job at improving and supporting than I can.

My first thought would be yes; there are guidelines which I believe you have seen already.

@popey or @Wimpress can follow up on this.

Yeah, this is totally possible. If you have an existing repo, we can just “import” it in github to snapcrafters. We’ll need to transfer ownership to the snapcrafters account in the store. If you request that over in the store category, the store team will get that moving. We can then import and do the necessary hooking up in snapcrafters to


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Thanks all! I’ll get started on that.