Troubles with snap of Runeterra, wrong error message

Hi there.

I’m trying to make Legends of Runeterra, the new game of Riot Games, running on my Ubuntu.

I installed it via snap command.

When launching the game, snap gives me this message :

You need to update wine-platform-runtime snap which has league patched glibc.
And it is required since riot messed it with a update broke game in linux.

Run this command in terminal, in order to play:

snap refresh --candidate wine-platform-runtime

Problem is, i’ve already installed the candidate version of wine via snap by running this command (and everything went well), and the error message keeps appearing (even after reboot). Plus, when I run winecfg, wine tells me the installed version is 5.0.0

Can you help me solve this ?

that message already is asking you to update snap in order to play.

  • snap refresh --candidate wine-platform-runtime

can you post info of

  • snap list | grep wine

gog-galaxy-wine 171 latest/stable diddledan -
wine-platform-5-staging 5.0.0 7 latest/candidate mmtrt -
wine-platform-runtime v1.0 111 latest/stable mmtrt