Trouble linking libmozjs

Hello All,

I am using snapcraft in destructive-mode under lxd running focal with base: core20 and build-base: core18.

The c code links to but snapcraft gives the following error.

This part is missing libraries that cannot be satisfied with any available stage-packages known to snapcraft:
- lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
These dependencies can be satisfied via additional parts or content sharing. Consider validating configured filesets if this dependency was built.

I can see that is available in the libmozjs-68-0 package. On my base system there is a soft link to this from to; and if I manual add this with ln -s in the prime directory the package will build locally correctly.

But I am unable upload to the store.

The store was unable to accept this snap.
  - package contains external symlinks: lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmozjs-68.0

Do I need to change my link address? Is the .0 convention no longer available.

Much Thanks

make sure to have libmozjs-68-0 in stage-packages:

if you still have troubles, you can create the symlink inside the prime directory (to lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (note the missing first slash)) from an override-prime directive …

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Great. Thanks. The slash hint helped. Would running ldconfig as a part of the snapcraft.yaml also do this? If so which stanza does it belong? As an aside, for the long term solution, the libmozjs maintainers have added the link to the package.

normally you do not use the ld cache at all in snaps but instead define the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable … that said … the gimp snap has some scripts that use a re-located file that gets created from the install hook … in case you really want to use a cache and ldconfig have a look at the scripts, hooks and the snapcraft.yaml:

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