Trico classic confinement request

This app is used to convert an excel spreadsheet to a table/collection in mysql/mongodb. Packed with features such as: Safe-mode, file-mode, history maintainance, update-checkup support, save previously entered information. This app has to read/write files for the following purposes:

  1. file-mode saves the excel data to a SQL file
  2. read the previous settings
  3. maintain history


What specifically is needed by the application that warrants classic? Is it not sufficient to use home and removable-media to read spreadsheets from the typical user data areas and write out database files to similar locations?

Thank you. But I need %APPDATA% access to read the previous settings and connect to the internet to check for updates.

Usingplugs: [ home, removable-media, network ] should give you the access you need. Can you try this and report back if you still need classic?

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Note: as a snap you probably don’t need to connect to the internet to check for updates since snapd handles that for you. Even if you need network connection for other reasons the "network" handles that just fine.