Travis: Invalid credentials. Root macaroon not in the config file

I used snapcraft enable-ci travis to set up the configuration. Everything runs fine until the push step of the created snap.
Credentials should be fine and I do not see what might be wrong here.

No valid credentials found. Have you run "snapcraft login"?
Root macaroon not in the config file. Have you run "snapcraft login"?

See the log here.

@pat-s make sure you are performing the openssl step as indicated in the tutorial. And that the -iv and -K match you env variables as set in settings.

@jacqueswww hi, I have exactly the same problem, but I don’t understand what you mean in your reply.

During the travis build there is first the error
openssl aes-256-cbc -K $encrypted_9af9a5772f45_key -iv $encrypted_9af9a5772f45_iv -in .snapcraft/travis_snapcraft.cfg -out .snapcraft/snapcraft.cfg -d
iv undefined

and later I get the same error as @pat-s described.
In fact, the variables iv and K are never exported and I have not set them in the settings for travis.

I use the tutorial Continuous snap delivery from Travis CI

So I logged in to travis and used snapcraft enable-ci travis. Then I added the new .travis.yml and travis_snapcraft.cfg to the repo.

Do I have to set the values for $encrypted_…key and $encrypted…_iv manually in the travis settings? and if I have to, to which values…?

@fabian Here is my working example, if you want to compare:

thank you. I had that part, but never mind. I build it now here with snapcraft.