Transference and tracks of blender snap

Hello there,

The Blender Foundation itself is going to take over maintenance the blender snap from now on.

For that, can someone please help with the following:

  1. Transference of the “blender” snap to “blenderfoundation”

  2. Adding two new tracks named “2.79” and “2.80”, the last major release, and the next one coming in the next few days.


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For reference, the Blender release cycle is documented here.

I checked the release cadence and the last major releases do adhere to this, so the track request makes sense. This is just for sanity-checking; I’m assuming @niemeyer requesting this directly means as architect he’s vetted the transfer request (well you owned the snap :slight_smile: and the track cadence (architects have the prerrogative to waive the waiting period for track creation).

The tracks are created and the snap has been transferred.


  • Daniel

Thanks for the transference/tracks, and for double-checking.