Transfer Snap 'Monophony'

Hey @review-team , i currently dont have the time and will to maintain ‘monophony’ snap, and i wish to transfer it to @soumyaDghosh who currently has the will and interest to snap ‘monophony’ , this has been discussed upstream but the upstream has refused to acknowledge ‘monophony’ snap as an official package. So please do the snap transfer accordingly to @soumyaDghosh allowing him to build and publish snap ‘monophony’ in the store . Thanks

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Thanks, @SamAlex, I have the build ready to be served in the stable channel. Thank you.

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@SamAlex would it be possible for you to add @soumyaDghosh as a collaborator to your snap and for him to accept the invite? This allows double-checking authorization and intent. Once that’s done please let me know and I’ll gladly transfer the snap.

  • Daniel

Thanks,sure, i will do it.

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Thanks @roadmr, @SamAlex. I have accepted the collaboration.

Thanks for confirming quickly, I’ve done the transfer now.

  • Daniel

Can allow the dbus and mpris also to the same?

The snap does not currently declare an mpris name so there is nothing to be done for that - however, I have granted use of the dbus name.

I have set the mpris, just as a slot only. It’s most probably taking the mpris name from name: ....

Thank you for that though. It’s working just as expected. So, I guess it doesn’t need any special changes for mpris.