Transfer request - warzone2100

We’d like to initiate the transfer of the “warzone2100” Snap to the Snapcraft Store username warzone-2100-project, which we (at upstream / the Warzone 2100 Project) have set up for this purpose.

GitHub issue reference:

(I’d also like to send a huge thanks for @lucyllewy 's help maintaining this over the years and getting everything upstreamed.)

Please let me know if there’s any additional information that’s required.


I would need a snapcrafter (e.g. @lucyllewy) to please add warzone-2100-project as a collaborator for the snap, to verify intent and authorization from both parties. Once done, let me know I’ll be happy to transfer the snap.

  • Daniel

Roger that. I’m working on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming via GitHub that you’re the same person, @pastdue :slight_smile: I’ve added the collaborator email, so we’re just waiting on you to confirm that you’ve accepted via the link in the email that the store should have sent you so that @roadmr can then perform the transfer…

Thanks folks, I’ve completed the transfer after verifying @pastdue accepted the collab invite.

  • Daniel

Thanks @roadmr and @lucyllewy!

Is there a process to get “Verified” as a developer, so folks know that the Snap is now directly supported by the Warzone 2100 Project?

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We don’t current have such a process for that.

Perhaps a process to at least verify control of the “Developer Website” could be implemented? - Similar to how GitHub does it.

Example: (See the “Verified” badge next to the website link.)

That might be easier to proceed with than an organizational / identity verification process, but could still provide a valuable trust metric to users. (“Domain Verified” or whatnot? Mousing over could then display a pop-over similar to the one that GitHub does when you click its “Verified” badge. See example above.)