Transfer request: rustup

Hi all,

I was reminded that there is an experimental rustup snap on my user on snapcraft - but it was abandoned because snapcraft was too unreliable to use from Rustup’s release CI pipeline (it blocked several releases until we finally gave up and removed the build) but I never bothered to come in and ask for the experimental snap to be removed from the store.

I have no idea what I might need to do myself, I no longer use Ubuntu or any system on which snap would be sensible to use, so I lack the infrastructure and so on to do anything useful with the snap.

It makes more sense to free up the name in case someone else feels they can do a good job where I could not.

I do not pay attention to this forum, so please email me directly (dsilvers (at) if there’s something I need to do to get this sorted.



After discussion with Zixing Liu I have come to the decision that it’d be better to transfer ownership to them. I have invited Zixing to the rustup snap and they have accepted. Please could this be retitled to a transfer request?

Again, the recipient of the transfer should be Zixing Liu <>


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Done :wink:


Confirmed the transfer intent by the above message and by the collaboration invita.

The transfer is now effective