Transfer Request: Please transfer `ondemand` to 'Ubuntu High-Performance Computing'

Greetings Store Team :wave:

Could you please transfer the snap/name ondemand to the ‘Ubuntu High-Performance Computing’ account? The Launchpad user can be found here: Ubuntu High-Performance Computing in Launchpad. I have added the account as a collaborator to the snap.

You can verify my membership of the Ubuntu HPC community on our team page: High-Performance Computing Team | Ubuntu. The snap is not published yet - I have the ondemand name reserved - as Open OnDemand (ondemand) requires classic confinement to function correctly. I currently have a pending request for classic confinement open: Request for classic confinement: ondemand. Once a conclusion is reached, I will publish the snap.

Please let me know if there’s anything else you require from me before initiating the transfer. Thank you for the assistance!


The ownership of the ondemand snap has been successfully transferred to the Ubuntu High-Performace Computing Launchpad group.