Transfer request: pi-bluetooth


Could you please transfer ownership of the pi-bluetooth snap to me (as a precursor to it moving fully to Canonical ownership, which will be the next logical step after some bug fixing activity).

It is currently owned by @cwayne18 (Chris Wayne, a former Canonical employee) and is required for hardware enablement on the Raspberry Pi.


Dave Jones.

This is done.

  • Daniel

wasn’t the plan to merge this into the gadget ? has that plan been dropped ?

If there was such a plan, I don’t recall it?

well, it was the plan from the beginning and IIRC chris was partially working on it before you even joined … perhaps it got lost on the way due to missing manpower … i think it makes sense to still keep it as a long term target though (it will affect cross-buildability of the gadget, but i think with recent changes that got broken anyway)