Transfer request for ElectronMail snap to official dev


I’m no longer the maintainer of the snap and would like to transfer the ownership to the main developer of the project, which has been already a collaborator on the snap store since 2019. Hope you can help, thank you!


My username: joshirio

New owner’s username: desktop-app

Official issue:

If you need any info, happy to provide.

Hi, can you add the intended recipient as a collaborator (in and have them accept the invite? This allows us to verify authorization and intent. Once this is done please let me know and I’ll gladly transfer the snap.

  • Daniel
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Hello Daniel, thanks for your answer. You linked the wrong snap, the correct one is named electron-mail. The new owner is already a collaborator since 2019…

Sorry about that! (wow those names are not confusing at all :))

The transfer is now complete.

  • Daniel
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