Transfer request: data-science-stack to Canonical

Hi we have a new data-science-stack snap for creating machine learning development workspace. It’s still pending manual review in the store. This snap will be maintained by the Canonical Kubeflow team.

Thanks for your help.


As a general rule, snaps owned by the Canonical publisher account should have the appropriate metadata to ensure their proper presentation on I see that data-science-stack already has a description and summary filled out- so it’d be great if you could also add a proper icon to it.

Moreover, the snap should have a stable-channel release (and proper maintenance) before they are transferred to Canonical. This is particularly important as the snap will be linked with Canonical’s name and failing to do so may create the impression of incomplete software which is not what we want to convey from our maintained snaps.

Once the above are done, let me know and I can complete the transfer to the Canonical account.



Hi, we just released to edge. The stable version should be available in the coming next two weeks. We have also updated the listing fields with all what was needed. Is it possible please to move the ownership to Canonical now?

thanks Michal

Update: we have jsut released the snap to stable

Thanks @misohu - we have transferred the snap! Now I just need a laptop with a GPU :wink: