Transfer request: codium


I’m a maintainer of the project VSCodium:

I would like to take control of the snap so I can update it and publish a new version.


Hello, is there something else I can do so that the transfer can happen? Thx

Please have the current owner of the snap (the snapcrafters team) add you as a collaborator to the snap, to verify authorization and intent. Once that’s done let me know and I can perform the transfer.

  • Daniel
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Hi Daniel, I’ve done what you told me, talked with the snapcrafters team and they agreed to do it. Can you transfer it to the project account: vscodium? Thx

Hi @daiyam!

Verbal (or written-in-the-forum) agreement is not sufficient, please ask them to add you as a collaborator to the snap, and once you receive and accept the invite, I can proceed.

  • Daniel

Hi, I am another maintainer of the VSCodium project and the owner of the vscodium account here on snapcraft. I’ve already added @daiyam as a collaborator to the vscodium snap, and we would like the codium snap (maintained by Snapcrafters) moved over to our vscodium account.

Let me know what I/we need to do to make it happen!

  • Peter

At this point I’m very confused. Having @daiyam as collaborator would be good for transferring the snap to @daiyam, but now you’re asking for it to be moved to vscodium instead. Please clarify what you’d like done. If you want to transfer to vscodium, then per the above, you need to add vscodium as collaborator.

Also, I can’t proceed even with the transfer to @daiyam as they need to accept the invite, right now it shows as pending. But given the confusion I will hold until you clarify what you’re asking for at this point.

  • Daniel

@roadmr Hi Daniel, I’m sorry about the confusion. In the process of the transfer, I thought that it was more appropriate that the project was transferred to a VS Codium labelled account and not under my name. I asked Peter and he already had one.

So the snap codium should be transferred to the account vscodium.

I’m asking Igor d’Hosgor to add the account vscodium as collaborator.

  • Baptiste

I also have to say I do not follow fully.

Who is supposed to be actual email address entity/owner that needs to be added as a collaborator? Also, it can only be the email of the actual owner or any one of the verified collaborators of the vscodium account.

It would have to be the actual email of the “vscodium” account (, sorry I can’t provide more info than that). If a collaborator’s email is added, then I can transfer the snap to that collaborator but what is being asked here, I think, is for “vscodium” to own the snap.

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel, I’ve added my address (daiyam@…org) to the account vscodium. Is that ok?

@daiyam do you have access to the vscodium inbox? I really would prefer for the invite to be sent to that address and accepted (which I think you can do, since you were able to log in as vscodium to add your own address), so that vscodium itself appears as a collaborator to the snap.

It’s easier for me because then I can one-click the transfer request; transferring to an account that’s not a collaborator is slightly more involved. But that’s really not the main reason - I don’t mind the extra work (I’ve probably already typed more in this case, heheheh). Is there any complication on your side I’m not understanding, about following the official and recommended procedure?

  • Daniel

@roadmr OK, now, the main address is my address. Since I’m a collaborator, will you able to make the transfer?

No. I need the vscodium snap developer account to be added as a collaborator. Mucking around with your email addresses in Ubuntu SSO won’t help - you already had the email address in question in your SSO account, and that’s not the issue.


  1. Have snapcrafters invite as a collaborator. It’s a 3-click operation for them. All they need is that email address.
  2. Accept the invite that will land in your inbox. It’s a 3-click operation for you if you’re already logged into the developer portal.
  3. Let me know once this is done.
  4. I can process the transfer at this point.
  • Daniel

@roadmr The invite has been accepted with the Tell me if there is anything else to do. Thx


The transfer is now complete, enjoy.

  • Daniel

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Thank you