Transfer "redact" snap


I just published the “redact” snap under my personal snapcraft account, johnpyp, and would like to transfer it to the official snapcraft account for the company: username: ‘redact’, email:


Hi there! Can you please add redact as a collaborator to the snap, and accept the collaboration invite with that account? This allows me to verify authorization and intent. Please let me know once this is done.

(I tried to fast-track this by ensuring the snap owner’s email address had the same domain as the intended new recipient, but they do not match, so we do need this explicit authorization step).


  • Daniel

I’ve already linked the target account as a collaborator, however, the collaborator’s email is I changed the email on that account from to after signup, but it hasn’t propagated to snapcraft it seems.

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying. Transfer is now complete.

  • Daniel