Transfer ownership of ghidra snap


The registered owner of the ghidra snap is @lathiat, and I am a collaborator. With his approval, I would like to transfer the ownership of this snap to myself. We have discussed this privately, he registered the name but didn’t carry on with the project and is happy to see it transferred to me.

@lathiat for comment

Thanks, David

I guess there is no way to technically ensure a and user is the same, in any case, I approve this transfer.

An astute observation :slight_smile: This is why we ask for the following.

Can you please add the intended recipient as a collaborator to the snap and have them accept the invite they’ll receive by email? This allows us to verify authorization and intent. Please let me know once this is done and I’ll complete the transfer.

  • Daniel

We’ve already done that :slight_smile:

Thanks, this is complete now.

  • Daniel
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