Transfer ownership of Extension Manager and rename package

Hi, I’m the upstream maintainer of Extension Manager.

The current snap package maintainer, dingdang, has recently contributed the snap build files upstream. They are happy to transfer ownership of the official snap so I can maintain it ‘officially’ going forwards.

Please refer to:

Could the ownership of the snap please be transferred to my account? (username: mjakeman)

Additionally, is it possible to have the package renamed from gnome-extension-manager to extension-manager, as it is not a GNOME core app?


It can; however, since your github profile doesn’t contain an email address I was unable to match it with your Snap Store profile. No worries, Can you please have the current snap owner add the intended recipient (you!) as a collaborator to the snap and then you can accept the invite you’ll receive by email? This allows us to verify authorization and intent. Please let me know once this is done and I’ll complete the transfer.

no, snaps cannot be renamed.

What I would suggest is for you to register the new snap (extension-manager) and start working on that one, and the old one can be deprecated. You will probably need a way to notify the existing users and have them transition to the new snap somehow; the usual mechanism is for you to add a wrapper to gnome-extension-manager so when it gets run, it pops up a message (e.g. using zenity?) asking users to switch to the new snap name.


  • Daniel