Transfer Multiple Snaps

Hey @review-team please transfer snap bavarder to @soumyaDghosh as he will be maintaining the snap package from now onward with the the upstream acknowledgement. P.S. Collaboration step is also done, Thanks

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@roadmr I would request you to look into this transfer, as there are a lot more transfers needed to be done. Thanks.


I don’t see @soumyaDghosh as a contributor to “bavarder” (it actually has no collaborators!). Please let me know once he’s been added and I can do the transfer.


  • Daniel

I think maybe something is wrong ??

Thanks! It’s transferred now.

  • Daniel

There are a lot more transfers to be done from @SamAlex to me. The list is:

  1. paperwork
  2. resonance
  3. komikku
  4. marker
  5. gradience
  6. podcasts
  7. loupe
  8. upscaler
  9. coverter
  10. pdfarranger

@SamAlex has me as a collaborator in all these.

@review-team I have no objections regarding this and also this is being requested on my consent thanks.

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Hi, this is now complete.

@soumyaDghosh a favor - please, when you request more snap transfers, create new topics instead of appending to existing ones. It’s fine to request many transfers in a single post, but once I complete a batch, create a new topic for the next request/batch. Otherwise, the way thread notifications work is confusing and I can’t clearly identify which ones are still pending.


  • Daniel
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I am extremely sorry about the problems you faced this time. I will keep this in mind. Also, should I create a new thread again regarding this? EDIT: Just checked the mails. All the 10 listed above are done. Thanks again.

Soumyadeep Ghosh