Transfer Mapton to mapton

I registered the snap name Mapton under my account trixon,
and now, before I publish it for the first time,
I would like to transfer the name to the user mapton.

As the user mapton I filed a name claim, and then switched over to the user trixon in order to add the user mapton as a collaborator.
That invite is now pending but Im unable to see where I can accept it, as the user mapton.

Advice is welcome.

Hi, the intended collaborator should have received an email with a link to accept the invite.

Please let me know when this is done and I’ll complete the transfer.

Filing a claim/dispute is not necessary, all we need is the collaborator being set up properly and the request here in the forum (but the dispute also doesn’t hurt so it’s ok).

  • Daniel
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Thanks @roadmr, its done now.
You have successfully been granted administrative access to mapton.

It’s all good now, thanks.