Transfer foliate to johnfactotum

Please transfer the snap foliate from me to johnfactotum. John is the upstream developer of Foliate.

More context in this issue:

I can help with this.

For intent and identity verification purposes, could you please add johnfactotum as a collaborator to the snap? make sure he accepts the invitation as well.

I can transfer the snap once he’s added as a collab.

  • Daniel

I do not have their email address, only their username. Is there a way to add collaborators based on username?

Given that their email address is hidden in git, I’m assuming they’re not too keen on giving out their email.

Hm, sure, the alternative is I email you both to ask for authorization/confirmation. Note I’ll just To: both your addresses so in the end you’ll end up knowing his address :slight_smile:

I’ll shot the email out now.

  • Daniel
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