Transfer brook

Could someone on the store team please transfer the brook snap from myself to the txthinking account as per the conversation with upstream at .


This transfer is now complete. The upstream conversation is great because it usually lets me match upstream’s identity with their desire to accept the transfer, and the fact that they included their account ID saved me some time.

@popey in the future, please help me help you by properly categorizing transfer requests in the “store” category. This forum is very successful and this means sometimes it’s hard for me to monitor all new posts but I do get notices for anything in the “store” category.

Also a nitpick, you said :

this made me expect brook to be under your personal account but it was actually under snapcrafters. It would also save me some confusion if a transfer request for a snapcrafters snap mentions snapcrafters as the current owner.


  • Daniel

FWIW I manually moved this to #store category