Transfer algokit to the actual official account

I would like to delete all the snap names I have. It was only downloaded by me. and I would like to delete the whole thing so nobody be able to install it and some one else be able to register this name. This name is going to be used with in the company and I was just testing it. I had no idea I cannot delete it after a download! I have already create a bug report in the Snap Store Server but haven’t got any response yet.

cprov Can you help me here please.

You should probably actually list the names you want deleted?

Yes sure. The name is algokit as mentioned in the bug report.

Well, “all the snap names” sounded like more than one…

I only have two which the only one that matter in this case is algokit.

Well, if you care about transferring it to another account you should not delete it, but add the other account as a collaborator, have them confirm the invite mail and ask for a transfer instead of deleting and re-adding…

Edit: check the store-requests category here, there are other transfer requests :grinning:

I do not want to be the main publisher. Can we also change that? how can I do this?

That is what the transfer will achieve… but first the other account needs to be a collaborator

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Can I request the transfer here? I would like the ownership transfer of the algokit snap from myself Negar to the They are now a collaborator.

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Yup, this is fine, i adjusted the topic title as well, as soon as a store person gets to process the next round of store-requests you’ll hear from them here…

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The ownership of algokit has successfully been transferred to



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