Tracks request for microk8s snap


We would like to release microk8s from tracks so it matches the upstream kubernetes versions:

The tracks we would like to have for microk8s are:

  • “1.10” which is the old stable
  • “1.11” the current stable
  • “1.12” the next release


Microk8s! Awesome!


SInce this is the first track request for Microk8s, we’ll follow Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks. Your description of the intended use matches perfectly the use case for tracks, particularly since it maps nicely to Kubernetes releases (which are existing track users and also match the criteria quite well), so +1 from me as reviewer.

If at the end of the waiting period (or earlier, if an architect waives it here) we have 2 votes for it, I’ll create the tracks.


  • Daniel

+1 to the tracks, they match upstream Kubernetes releases.


Thanks for your patience!

The microk8s tracks (1.10 1.11 1.12) have been created and are now live and available.


  • Daniel
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