Tracks 2.81 and 2.82 for blender

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Can we please have a track named “2.81” and “2.82” for the blender snap?

2.81 is already out (and currently in “latest”), and 2.82 is almost out.



2.81 and 2.82 are already created, my +1 as reviewer and using Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence as Blender has existing tracks.

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Yesterday we released Blender 2.83 LTS, and I was looking to push to a track “2.83 LTS”. From the documentation, and e-mail correspondance with others in the release team I was believing that I could just snapcraft push --release='2.38 LTS' blender_2.83.0-amd64.snap, butthat didn’t appear to work.

What should I be doing to get a snap published to such a track instead of what I tried above?

For now I just pushed to latest/stable, but would gladly learn how to do this correctly for 2.83.1 in the 2.83 LTS track.

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I believe the track discussed and agreed with Dalai was 2.83lts, which follows the naming style for tracks. Does that one work?

Hi @niemeyer,

I am fine with 2.83lts. So I should be able to use
snapcraft push --release='2.38lts' blender_2.83.0-amd64.snap then? Or is it 2.83lts/latest?

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The command you posted should work to release to 2.83lts/stable.

2.83lts/latest makes no sense, as latest is the always-available track for all snaps.

Do have a look at (and for a clear explanation of how channel strings are structured :slight_smile:

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pages bookmarked!


There’s also a nice description of channels, which are formed by the tuple:


in the docs:

Thanks. It is all starting to make sense (:

I managed to open the 2.83lts/stable track with the 2.83.0 release.

Should I release the 2.81 and 2.82a releases in their respective stable tracks to complete the picture?


Sorry for the late reply, Nathan (was off last week).

Yes, I would suggest keeping tracks up-to-date so that users may choose to move back and forth between main versions as makes sense for their own environments.