Track requests: vault 1.1 & 1.2

Please can tracks be setup for the vault charm for 1.1 and 1.2 versions.



Did you mean the “vault” snap?

What’s the release cadence and/or support period for these versions? (If there’s an upstream page documenting their policies, linking to it is fine - happy to read upstream docs :slight_smile:

Are they backward-incompatible? i.e. if I have 1.1 vault, what happens if I upgrade to 1.2? Is it expected that people would choose not to upgrade to 1.2 for $REASONS?

We’ll start a 7-day waiting period to gather votes and comments from reviewers, which will be based on the information I requested above (and which even I need in order to cast such a vote :wink:

  • Daniel

I did indeed mean the vault snap, not the charm.

Based on the experience of moving from 1.1.x -> 1.2.x I think that having tracks makes sense - specifically when 1.2.0 was first released there where some know issues with AppRoles:

advice was to not upgrade; I guess you could argue that we would just hold 1.2.0 in beta or candidate until those issues where resolved, but I’d rather empower end users of vault to make the minor version upgrade step themselves. Minor versions are not really minor upgrades in the context of Vault as you can see from the release announcements:

Bearing in mind that restarting the vault service (when run as a daemon) requires that vault be unseal using a set of secret keys, allowing operators to differentiate between the two release tracks makes sense to me.

I agree with the given rationale ; however, is there anything documenting how releases are planned and/or how often they would be made? (for instance 1.1 was announced in March 2019, 1.2 in July).

+1 from me based on the above, just a few more days to go to get comments from others, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

@reviewers, can some of you please review and vote on this request? (Extending voting period by 3 days)

  • Daniel

+1 from me

Thanks! Since we have the required +2 votes, I’ve created the 1.1 and 1.2 tracks for vault.


  • Daniel