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Gate is a developer tool for doing physics simulations for the purposes of biological science. It receives about 2-3 version bumps a year. Such version bumps would entail massive changes to the internal dependencies that could introduce possible regressions, but also internal databases, such as how much does an electron weigh in a carbon atom; which might change overtime as equipment for measuring these values gets better.

As such, any given given release of Gate would possibly give different answers to the same inputs, as well as potentially just be straight up incompatible, it’d be ideal if there was a way to select the version so that a user could re-run their experiments with older versions for reproducibility, or just to skip updating to newer releases if they don’t want to risk regression.

Versions would be expected in the format of “9.0”, “9.1,” “9.2”, etc. A simple $major.$minor format, where major would go up by about 1 every year, and minor could range from 0 to 2 or so.

Security concerns should be minimal due to quite strict sandboxing (e.g, no network plug!) & general low attack space; so normal rebuilds from the Ubuntu archive should be more than enough to keep the older versions secure.

And so officially, I’m requesting the track “9.1”, due to the upcoming release of 9.2. Thanks in advance Daniel & co :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed rationale, this anticipates all the questions I usually have. +1 from me to use of tracks. As per the usual process we need to allow a few days for other @reviewers to vote, I’ll process the tracks once the waiting period has passed. Thanks for your patience!

  • Daniel
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+1 to a 9.1 track.

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@James-Carroll Thanks for your patience, we have +2 votes, so I have created your 9.1 track, it’s now available.

  • Daniel