Track request (private snap)

I would like to create a track for a private snap - how do i do that?

Is this possible? I can ‘work around’ this by using 2 separate private snaps - but there is no upgrade path If I am not mistaken

Can you provide more info on your use-case? As you are hopefully aware, “private” setting for snaps is mainly an early development feature as there is no way to distribute to others without providing full write access to the snap.

I don’t recall anything saying private snaps were ‘just for development’ - I have spoken with someone from Canonical about my use case in this regard. If more elaborations are needed, we can email if you provide an email address.

As for the need for separate track: The situation I have is similar to a having a python 2.x and another track that runs on python 3.x… separate run-times, but more or less the same app - swapping run-times requires validating a lot of 3rd party libraries work, etc.

As a work around, I am just using 2 separate private snaps… but there is no auto migration(i think?) to move 2.x over to 3.x (if and when 3.x is working as intended)…

Hi @abbot,

Private snaps are meant to be used just for development because they can’t be distributed without granting read and write permissions to the whole snap to whomever you wish to share it with.

This means, that whatever user or device that can access the private snap, can also build a new binary and push it as a new revision, whit whichever content in it.
This also means that whatever user that can access the private snap can go to the web and change the sharing details, sharing with any other user they want.

So, as you can see, private snaps are meant to be used by you and your trusted team of collaborators of that snap, and no one else.

If you could share who did you speak to within Canonical, we can reach out to them and get more details about your specific use case.

Lastly, please note that just as how there is no upgrade path between different snaps, there is no automatic upgrade path between tracks.

I hope this clarifies the concept and designed usage for private snaps.

Cheers, Natalia.

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