Track request: open (and close) stable/ubuntu-23.04

Eickmeier on LP: 2000849:

In an effort to revive Edubuntu, we (the Edubuntu Team, which consists of my wife and I so far) wish to seed both Firefox and Chromium. This is because Chromium will be better supported in the classroom for collaboration on Google Docs and other web-based applications. This was brought to our attention recently in the Discourse discussion. We discussed it amongst ourselves and decided this was probably a good idea.

However, once we’re approved for official flavor status and have .iso images building daily, in order to seed Chromium, it will need a stable/ track opened and closed just like the Firefox team does it now.

Can you please open that track?

Sorry there was some confusion. I don’t need permission to open that branch, only a track.

Hi, so is anything needed from the store team’s side here or are you all set?

  • Daniel

I’m all set, thanks for checking Daniel.