Track request for ubuntu-frame, ubuntu-frame-osk, ubuntu-frame-vnc, graphics-test-tools: 20, 22

Can we please have the following tracks opened:


We need those to provide support for multiple base: core* versions in parallel.

Hi, I assume the part before the / is the name of the snap, is that correct? so you want 20 and 22 tracks for 4 snaps?

And usually, track versioning is used by snaps that depend on features of the base system. Is that the case here? (i.e. what happens if I install the core22 version of ubuntu-frame on a core20 system?)

  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,


There are a couple reasons we’re asking for this:

  1. having those tracks will allow users to only have a single base snap on their system (Frame often gets deployed on limited resources)
  2. Frame depends on the graphics userspace drivers to be provided through the graphics-core20 content interface - some userspace may only be available for a subset of the bases, ABI-wise

The remaining three are supporting snaps to which the same reasons apply.

Thanks for the explanation, +1 from me to granting these tracks.

What do other @reviewers think?

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - this use of tracks seems reasonable to me.

Thanks, these tracks are now created.

  • Daniel