Track request for prusa-slicer snap

Hello people,

I’d like to add the following tracks for the newly created (still unlisted) prusa-slicer snap:

2.2 (will track current stable release)
2.3 (will track upcoming release, still in alpha state)

There’s the store entry:


Hi all,

Gentle ping?


The main criteria for tracks is backward-incompatibility between releases of your software, particularly if people do have a legitimate reason to want to choose an older version over the new one.

For example, if it involves invasive code changes, or has a different data format, and there’s no easy migration/conversion tool that people could use with a new release.

Can you please indicate whether this is the case with prusa-slicer?

Another thing we ask for is a reasonable lifetime for releases. If you’re releasing an incompatible version every 2 weeks, tracks would be a poor fit as you would be stranding a lot of people on older releases as you move ahead. This typically indicates your software is still evolving and tracks are really best suited for mature, stable projects.

If you have a link or documentation to your project’s release schedule/cadence, that will be useful for reviewers.

Thanks and sorry for asking so many questions :wink:

  • Daniel

Hey there, sorry - just found this in my list of waiting requests and we’re still waiting for some information on your track usage. Please update at your convenience.

  • Daniel

Hello Daniel, sorry for the (long) delay. I’ll take your advice; let’s see if the needs arise and, then, I’ll open a new ticket. For now, you can close this.