Track request for osmclient snap

Hi there,

We’d like to start using tracks for the osmclient snap. We intend to use versioned tracks, so we’d like two created initially:




Are 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 backwards-incompatible? (if so, odd that they are just a patch version apart but hey - I’m just asking :slight_smile: ).

Would users have a reason to prefer 7.0.0 once 7.0.1 is out?

Does osmclient have a release schedule, cadence, and statement about compatibility (or lack thereof) between versions? (Happy to read existing documentation if you have it).


  • Daniel

In theory, they should be backwards compatible but it’s not guaranteed. We’re offering LTS for each release and may have clients on a specific version, so it seemed safest to go with a track per point release.

Major versions are released every six months; minor versions are sporadic. 7.0.1 was released two months after 7.0.0, and 7.0.2 might come one month after.

If it’s complicated, I’m happy starting with a 7.0 track instead and we can re-evaluate the need for minor version tracks down the road if we actually run into an issue.



It’s not complicated, but due to the nature of tracks (easily discoverable == easy to choose the wrong track if the difference is not very obvious, and there’s no fallback mechanism - so people on 7.0.1 will NOT auto-upgrade to 7.0.2 and so on, an issue of release granularity) means I typically prefer making requesters very aware of these characteristics before committing to a given track scheme.

The major version release schedule looks reasonable, and the minor schedule does NOT look unreasonable time-wise, but it’s more about backward-compatibility and leaving users stranded. i.e. would you backport 7.0.2 fixes into 7.0.1 to avoid leaving 7.0.1 users stranded? :slight_smile:

Ultimately it’s up to you, if 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 are what you need that’s what we’d create. I’m generally +1 on this request but per the process we’ll need to allow a few days for other reviewers to chime in, which also gives you time to decide whether you need the patch-level tracks or can do with e.g. minor release or something else.

  • Daniel


We’ve discussed it internally and would like to move forward with a track for the major release only, i.e., 7.0.

Thanks again!

@reviewers could anyone else chime in on this request? (track 7.0).

  • Daniel

Thanks for taking the time to discuss and evaluate the original request.

+1 from me for a 7.0.

wow thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile: With +2 votes and after the waiting period, I have created the 7.0 track.


  • Daniel

Also a :+1: from me.