Track request for OpenStack core snaps


Can we please have the following 3 tracks defined for each of the OpenStack snaps listed below?

Tracks: ocata, pike, queens

nova-hypervisor -
nova -
neutron -
glance -
keystone -



Per, some votes on this from reviewers and Snappy architects are required. Once those have been cast I’ll move this forward.


  • Daniel

Hi Daniel!

Thanks. Would love to get a review of this soon.


@coreycb Is there a well known versioning scheme across them, in addition to the custom names?

@niemeyer The underlying OpenStack projects use semantic versioning but they are all at independent version levels. So as a whole, the release series of OpenStack are used to track a release:

For the OpenStack snaps, our plan is to publish as follows:

  • edge channel for each track will contain the tip of the OpenStack project’s master or stable branch (upstream has branches such as master (currently pike), stable/ocata, stable/newton, etc).

  • beta, candidate, and stable channels will be reserved for released versions (likely to trigger off released tarball or git tag). The same version will be published progressively to beta, then candidate, and then to stable once CI validation completes for the channel. This should result in an experience such as:

    sudo snap install --channel=ocata/stable keystone
    sudo snap install --channel=pike/edge keystone

I see, the names are indeed a nicer control point for these then, as they can be shared.

+1 on the tracks.

Seconded, +1 from me.


OK, at the end of the voting period, two +1 votes were cast from reviewers/architects. I’ve just created all 15 (!) tracks, they’re ready for use now.


  • Daniel
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