Track request for node: 11

Node 11 is out, can I get a new track for it and I’ll get the auto builder set up.

FYI Node 11 is a “current” line and will not turn into an LTS so will be retired in ~8 months. Node 12 will come in April and will eventually become an LTS so will last for 3 years.


Sure; per Simplified track request process for snaps with predictable cadence, and since node has existing tracks showing the snap’s use of the feature is reasonable, and the requested track name is consistent with prior usage, I can waive the waiting period with my reviewer +1 vote and create these tracks immediately.

The tracks are now created and ready to be used. Enjoy!

  • Daniel
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brilliant! thanks for the speedy turnaround.

$ sudo snap refresh --channel=11 node
node (11/stable) 11.0.0 from NodeSource, Inc. (nodesource✓) refreshed
$ node -v
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